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Date Project Title Publication Type
September 2023 Limitations and issues with using the DCF NPV method for valuations of mine closure and post mine closure Project Report
March 2023 A systematic and systemic review of mined landform stability and its impact on transitioning for regional benefits Project Report
February 2023 The Foundations for Effective Indigenous Inclusion Project Report
November 2022 A roadmap for adapting to technological change in remote sensing and monitoring capabilities Project Report
November 2022 Understanding the values of stakeholders in Australian post-mining economies Project Report
October 2022 Developing the business case for responsible acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) management Project Report
August 2022 Dynamically transforming environmental assessment through a shared analytics framework: Bowen Basin case study Project Report
August 2022 Comparative Closure: assessing the biophysical closure challenges of different mining methods Project Report
June 2022 Mapping the Regulatory Framework of Mine Closure Project Report
May 2022 Understanding local readiness for closure – initiating a multi-stakeholder participatory approach Project Report
May 2022 Integration of Biophysical Aspects in Mine Closure Planning Project Report
May 2022 Post-mining land uses Project Report
April 2022 Towards a framework for regional cumulative impact assessment Project Report
April 2022 Towards an inventory of abandoned mines in Australia: risk, prioritisation, and opportunities Project Report
March 2022 Current tools, techniques and gaps in evaluating mine closure Project Report
February 2022 Understanding stakeholder values in post-mining economies: a literature review Project Report
January 2022 Exploring the Issues in Mine Closure Planning Project Report
January 2022 CRC TiME Knowledge Hub (e-Library and Search Engine) Project Report
January 2022 Mining transitions and climate change: a research synthesis to inform CRC TiME strategy Project Report
December 2021 A snap-shot review and recommendations to support development of the CRC TiME Indigenous Inclusion Strategy Project Report
December 2021 Post mining land uses – a literature review Project Report
December 2021 A national network of demonstration and testing sites – scaling ‘mine closure’ technology and approaches to mine-site scale Project Report
October 2021 Hydrological and geochemical processes and closure options for below water table open pit mines Project Report
September 2021 Defining success for CRC TiME: A collaborative governance approach for impact and evaluation Project Report