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PhD Scholarships

Professional development of future leaders

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CRC TiME is contributing to providing executive talent by developing future leaders in developing post-mine futures.

These students will complete PhDs on an industry-defined problem and be embedded within an industry participant organisation during their studies. CRC TiME will also work with our industry partners to ensure that these students can participate in the company’s internal development programs.

This approach will increase employability of CRC TiME postgraduates by providing exposure to business culture. Hence, they will not only have technical knowledge but also be proficient in effective teamwork, high-level communication skills and commercial acumen. This will ensure that CRC TiME graduates will be industry-ready leaders.

Students will also be linked to or embedded in strategic research initiatives operating through the CRC. This will provide a clear context to enable student-based research to contribute to step change in the industry, while creating opportunities to connect with thought leaders from across CRC TiME’s unique partner base.

Scholarships of up to 4 years duration are now available to eligible Higher Degree Research (HDR) students who participate in CRC TiME Research Programs. This includes PhD, professional doctorates and MPhil or equivalents. Generally, top up scholarships will be offered to individuals enrolled or about to enrol in a partner university. Full scholarships may be available where additional funding or support can be obtained.

The CRC welcomes applications throughout the year by negotiation with the relevant Program Leader. Applicants are encouraged to review CRC TiME’s initiatives which outline the priority areas of research over the next three years.

Click here for the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) application form.

Please contact CRC TiME at for further information.