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Date Project Title Publication Type
May 2024 Rehabilitation of the Latrobe Valley coal mines: integrating regulation of mine rehabilitation and planning for land and water use Journal article
February 2024 Beyond Closure: A literature review and research agenda for post-mining transitions Journal article
January 2024 Pilbara Iron Ore State Agreements and Mine Closure Regulation Journal article
January 2024 Future-proofing a local government authority for a post-mining future Journal article
December 2023 Mapping the Regulation of Mine Closure Journal article
November 2023 Drivers of post‐fire resprouting success in restored Banksia woodlands Journal article
November 2023 Re-thinking our model of mine rehabilitation and closure—is it time for a new model of mined lands stewardship? Conference paper
November 2023 What are we transitioning into? Re-thinking the model of mine closure Conference paper
November 2023 Water and energy integration towards post-mine transition Conference paper
August 2023 Exploring the potential of topsoil pellets to improve native seedling establishment on degraded agricultural land Journal article
June 2023 Time for and Outcome Evaluation? The Experience of Indigenous Communities with Mining Benefit Sharing Agreements Journal article
June 2023 More and better mine rehabilitation – lessons from Queensland Conference paper
June 2023 Investigating the Feasibility of a National Abandoned Mine Database for Risk and Opportunity Assessment in Australia Conference paper
June 2023 Designing a Pathway to Nature Positive Actions Conference paper
June 2023 Integrating Mine Closure and Repurposing Conference paper
June 2023 The Role of Regional Cumulative Impact Assessment in Managing for Mine Closure Conference paper
June 2023 Insights to Successful Mine Closure and Land Repurposing in the Australian Context: A Piecemeal Experience Conference paper
June 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk, Uncertainty, and the Mining Life Cycle Journal article
February 2023 Soil Seed Bank Development of Smoke-responsive Plant Species in a 23-year Restoration Chronosequence and Implications for Resilience to Fire Journal article
December 2022 A Method for Benchmarking Two Different Resilience Assessment Methods Journal article
October 2022 Transformation for Positive Post Mine Futures Conference paper
October 2022 Cumulative Impact Assessment, Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Sector Conference paper
October 2022 Investigating the Biophysical Challenges Associated with Mine Closure in Different Mining Methods Conference paper
October 2022 Repurposing of the Genex Kidston Mine Site in Queensland, Australia Mine Closure 2022 Conference paper
October 2022 Planning for Mine Closure: Comparative Mapping of the Regulatory Frameworks for Mine Closure Planning in Western Australia, Queensland , and Victoria Mine Closure 2022 Conference paper
May 2022 Creating Operational Solutions to Enable Effective Mine Closure Conference paper
May 2022 Understanding Local Readiness for Closure: Initiating a Multi-Stakeholder Participatory Approach: paper presented at the 4th international congress on planning for mine closure Conference paper
November 2021 Mapping the Regulatory Framework of Mine Closure in Western Australia and Queensland Journal article