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Our Partners

CRC TiME is proud to introduce our partners, who come from research, mining, METS, government, community and regions, and indigenous organisations.

CRC-TiME brings together a unique partnership of mining companies, technology and service suppliers (METS), state and local governments, regional and community representative bodies and research institutions. We are the first and only organisation in the world to work in partnership with all stakeholders to drive innovation around the key issues and barriers to mine closure and relinquishment.

Focussing around specific regions in transition, CRC TiME is breaking paradigms and scoping research that challenges the status quo. Consultation and collaboration underpins every stage of research from project scoping, investment decisions and research delivery, through to uptake and adoption. Our collaborative partnership model brings together several existing national and industry mechanisms addressing different aspects of mine closure to deliver resilient post mining futures for all parties.

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