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What is CRC TiME

Part of the Australian Government’s flagship Cooperative Research Centre Program, we are the world’s only research organisation dedicated to examining and helping transform what happens – economically, socially, culturally and environmentally – after mining ends for the better.

Our work includes:

  • connecting diverse ideas, people, disciplines, organisations, regions and sectors to identify and understand opportunities, challenges and solutions
  • undertaking globally-leading and nationally important research
  • supporting implementation of findings, tools and resources to improve planning, processes and outcomes for post-mining
  • developing and investing in education and training for current and future research, industry, First Nations, community and government leaders and representatives.

Our footprint is broad, reflecting the industry’s size, scale and impacts. It includes projects:

  • at mine and rehabilitation sites
  • within regions, such as the Latrobe Valley
  • covering multiple regions
  • at a national scale
  • with international involvement.

Impact Objectives

What is a CRC?

The Cooperative Research Centre Program was established by the Australian Government in 1990 to support Australian industries to solve critical issues, develop new technologies, products and services and compete on the world stage. The program is jointly funded by the Federal Government, industry participants and research organisations.

The CRC Program is a proven model that has delivered significant economic, environmental and social benefits to Australia across a diverse range of industries.

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