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The Challenge

Mining is a major contributor to the Australian economy however, while there are many thousands of mines, only a handful have been successfully closed. Mines that cannot be relinquished either stay with the mining company or are abandoned completely, tying up capital, degrading ecology and negatively impacting communities. There is a disconnect between the way mining and post-mine worlds interface and opportunities for economic re-purposing of assets and value generation to Australia’s economy
through closure are lost.

The Solution = Collaboration

Uniting to deliver a resilient post mine future – Our unique partnership model

CRC TiME brings together over 70 partners across all stakeholder groups who are contributing their networks, time and knowledge to enable change.

Over $130 million is being spent over the next 10 years on collaborative research and development projects by CRC TiME.

With national coordination and leadership under the umbrella of CRC TiME, we are creating opportunities to bring Australian innovation in the emerging mine closure sector to the global market. CRC TiME’s partnership is re-envisaging the mining cycle to incorporate post-mining opportunities, and provide evidence, tools and frameworks for more certainty and diversified
opportunities that will enable Just Transitions.

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After the Boom

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Impact Framework

Understand how CRC TiME will make an impact

Delivering value across multiple sectors

Independent economic analysis indicates CRC TiME will deliver up to $2.4 billion* to the Australian economy over the next 10 years. Beyond the direct financial impacts, CRC TiME will facilitate sustainable ecosystems, more prosperous livelihoods and strengthen the social license for mining companies.

*Source: $2.4b is before discounting and unadjusted for risk. After discounting and risk weighting is applied, expected 10 year NPV is $476m; Synergies Economic Consulting, 2020

Focusing on sites and regions through Regional Hubs

CRC TiME is developing meaningful relationships with local communities across seven regional hubs, to understand issues on a regional scale.

Focussing research in a variety of environments across Australia ensures our new solutions are transferrable into different mining environments across Australia and the world.

Regional Hubs provide focus for testing and demonstration of solutions in situ and delivery of education and training around developing closed and abandoned mine environments.

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