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Working together to reimagine what happens after mining ends.

Rethinking how we plan, collaborate, deliver and support post-mine transformations is more important than ever as decarbonisation drives unprecedented minerals development at the same time as leading to the progressive completion of thermal coal mining in some regions.

Established in 2020, CRC TiME is part of the Australian Government’s world-leading Cooperative Research Centre Program. It operates with support of the Commonwealth and more than 75 partners.

We are hosted by the University of Western Australia and University of Queensland.


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Latest News

Man holding microphone asking question at 2023 CRC TiME Annual Forum

Meet our people: the researchers and colleagues we featured in 2023

2023 was a big year of interviews with the research and industry colleagues involved in CRC TiME projects. Learn more about the people who contribute

Group of CRC TiME staff and others at Iluka mine site

Twelve months in: Reflections on my TiME-iversary

Communications Manager Dr Rebecca Rey considers her elevator pitch and the breadth of new knowledge underpinning it.

2022-23 Annual Report: Progress towards First Nations Inclusion

During 2022-23 we focused on shared benefits through a unified process of respectfully engaging with Indigenous people and organisations, partners and

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