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We bring together diverse partners to help solve the challenge of mine closure and post-mine transitions.

We work across various dimensions including:

  • barriers to mined land and infrastructure repurposing.
  • policy and regulation, such as land tenure and pathways to relinquishment.
  • economic diversification and transformation.
  • enabling First Nations leadership and realisation of benefits.
  • new ways of understanding value, such as Natural Capital Accounting.
  • land rehabilitation and environmental stewardship.

Our work is broad, given the industry’s size, scale and impacts. It includes projects:

  • at mine and rehabilitation sites.
  • with regions undergoing or planning for future transitions, including in the Latrobe Valley and Bowen Basin.
  • at national scale.
  • with international involvement.




Latest News

Mass Open Online Course

Expanding access to quality education and training for post-mine transformations.

Meet Jake

Jake Eckersley's research offers insights and innovative monitoring methods to understand and manage Australia's dryland plants in the Pilbara region.

Benedictor Kemanga taking a selfie in high-vis in snowy Utah

Meet Benedictor

Working on future impacts of climate change on pit lake water balance, Ben’s important research is supported by a CRC TiME top-up scholarship.

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