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Research development

A research agenda for a complex world

Our 2021-24 Research Prioritisation Plan represents the collective effectiveness of more than 1,000 people. It clearly, transparently and comprehensively defines shared goals and priorities, our research approach and other critical information. All the research priorities are connected to key outputs as defined in the Goals and Milestones in the CRC TiME Commonwealth Agreement.

Based on these foundations, researchers, partners and stakeholders work together to co-design projects to address knowledge gaps, develop new tools, and commercial opportunities.

We have an Anti-trust and Competition Policy to guide research outputs.

We also have an open call for new ideas aligned with our research priorities and Impact Objectives.

In focus: Developing our next phase of transformative research

In 2022, CRC TiME undertook a participatory process to develop its next phase of research projects. This process aimed to develop projects that:

  • Deliver on our strategic goals, research priorities and impact objectives.
  • Build on the knowledge and skills base of our diverse partnership.
  • Meet the needs and aspirations of focus mining regions and regional partners.
  • Support the goals and aspirations of First Nations communities and organisations, and improve industry engagement.
  • Support the adoption and use of new knowledge, tools and resources.
  • Developed new knowledge, tools and resources with a clear path to use.

Through the process, feedback from CRC TiME’s partnership groups, focus regions, participant survey responses and extensive consultation was integrated. It led to ten project proposals.


We are seeking to develop projects that will deliver on the research priorities and project areas outlined in the Research Prioritisation Plan.

CRC TiME’s project development process is underpinned by co-development and a process that has three stages to ensure our projects are collaborative, meet end-user needs and deliver transformative change. Projects above $250k are approved by the Board, with proposals due approximately four weeks prior to Board meetings.