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CRC TiME 2021 Forum Presenters

Dr Guy Boggs, CEO, CRC TiME, Forum Chair

Professor Tom Measham, Research Director, CRC TiME, Forum Rapporteur

Dr Emma Yuen, Research Impact & Translation Manager, CRC TiME, Regional Hub Facilitator

Keynote Presenters

The Hon Keith Pitt MP

Minister for Resources and Water

Brenton Barker, CEO, Ely Trust

Dawn Brock, Manager Environmental Stewardship, ICMM

Linda Dawson, Deputy Director General of Industry, Science and Innovation, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Aidan Davy, Chief Operating Officer, ICMM

Peter Dowling, Business & Investment Attraction Manager, Central Highlands Development

Kim Ferguson, BHP Global Practice Lead and ICMM Closure Chair

Kaylene Gulich, Chief Executive Officer, Western Australia Treasury Corporation

Michael Heap, Director Regional Development, Pilbara Development Commission

Terry Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Pilbara Development Commission

Dr Bruce Kelley, Chair


Dr Carina Kemp, Data and Digital Advisors, Carina Kemp and Partners

Pip Kirby, Director Regional Development, South West Development Commission 

Andy Lloyd, Chair

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen

Emeritus Professor Rae Mackay, Chair, Mine and Land Rehabilitation Authority

James Purtill, Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner

Jim Rogers, Executive Director- East Arnhem, Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Dr Rob Stevens, President, Pakawau GeoMangement Inc.

Patrick Walta, Managing Director, New Century Resources

Session Presenters

Elise Bekele, Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

Jon Crosbie, Group Manager Closure and Remediation, MMG

Dr Grant Douglas, Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Ian Dover

Tom Hatton, Director at Thomas Hatton, Environmental Consulting

Chris McCombe, General Manager, Minerals Council of Australia

Simon McVeigh, Senior Geoscientist, Okane Consulting

Vern Newton, National Property Manager, Hanson Australia

Raphael Picorelli, Research Mining Engineer, CSIRO and Mining3

Dr Jenny Pope, Director, Integral Sustainability

Vivek Srinivasan, Associate Director, CSIRO


CRC TiME Program Leader Presenters

Professor Fiona Haslam-McKenzie

Regional Economic Development


 Bryan Maybee

Risk, Evaluation and Planning

 Glen Corder

Operational Solutions

Jason Kirby

Data Integration, Forecasting and Scale

CRC TiME Project Leader Presenters

Dr Renee Young

Project 1.1

Professor Andrew Beer

Project 1.2

Professor Alex Gardner

Project 1.3


Dr Marcus Barber

Project 2.1

Associate Professor Eric Lilford

Project 2.3

 Dr Claire Cote

Project 2.4

Project 3.1

 Dr Renee Bartolo

Project 3.2

 Professor Peter Cook

Project 3.3

 Professor Carolyn Oldham

Project 3.6

Chris Gentle

Project 4.1

 Associate Professor Peter Dahlhaus

Project 4.2

Dr Greg Davis

Project 4.3

 Renae Desai

Project 4.4

Dr Ebrahim Salmi

Project 4.5

 Professor David Williams

Project 3.5


Other Confirmed Speakers

Declan O’Connor-Cox Assistant Secretary, Environment Approvals Division, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Kate Holland Principal Research Scientist, Geological and Bioregional Assessments, CSIRO
Peter Waters BHP
Oskar Kadletz Department of Resources -Technical Services / Georesources Division (Queensland)
Suzanne Strapp  President of FAWNA Inc. (Fostering and Assistance for Wildlife Needing Aid)
Jason Stevens Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions