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Project 4.3

Network of demonstration and testing sites

Project 4.3 Final Report

Research Program

Collaborative Infrastructure

Project Leader

Dr Greg Davis

Project ID



A challenge to R&D and new technologies or approaches, is showcasing these at a scale whereby they are seen as viable to apply at sites, and hence adoption and uptake is encouraged. This project will catalogue priority demonstration and testing sites/areas for CRC TiME outcomes, technologies and project displays – to show feasibility at scale and create uptake and adoption pathways.

The project objectives are to:

  • Engage with mining companies, government and other stakeholders on the development of selection criteria to prioritise mine sites and site-specific challenges (e.g. acid mine drainage) as testing sites; and for the establishment of demonstration sites to showcase outcomes from practices and procedures leading to closure;
  • Develop a catalogue of mines based on priority selection criteria (e.g. costs, transport and logistics, mining industry and CRC TiME priority challenges (e.g. acid mine drainage, water management, etc.), operational, environment, and human health risks;
  • Establish a mechanism/pathway for submission to mining companies and government agencies of technologies and solutions to be tested or showcased by CRC TiME partners; and to undertake site visits/workshops at mines to demonstrate practices and procedures leading to closure and relinquishment (shared learning and benefits; open communication); and
  • Submission of a final report to CRC TiME on strengths, gaps and proposed next steps for the establishment of testing and demonstration sites.

Project Partners

Alcoa Corporation; CMTE Development Limited; CSIRO; Energy Australia; Hanson Construction Materials; Rio Tinto Services Limited; South32 Limited; Department for Energy and Mining, South Australian Government; Iluka Resources Limited


9 months

Project Outputs

Appendix 1 – excel Table of Mine Sites

Download an interactive tool to facilitate searching for candidate sites to fit new or existing technologies and approaches based on features and attributes