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Project 4.4

The CRC TiME Knowledge Hub (e-library)

Research Program

Collaborative Infrastructure

Project Leader

Renae Desai

Project ID



This project will draw from activity being delivered across the CRC TiME portfolio of projects where reviews of existing knowledge will highlight resources held or known by the extensive CRC TiME partner base. The project will work together with CRC TiME projects to capture information and develop a system to ensure that information is easily accessible and referenced by all partners.

The CRC TiME e-library project will deliver an interactive web-based platform for storing, accessing and engaging with various assets (documents, videos, audio files, images, web links and other forms of data) that span multiple, inter-related topics within the context of mine closure and post-mine transitions. This project will provide a public facing platform for various audiences interested in all aspects of CRC TiME’s work, including but not limited to: regional economic development; risk, evaluation and planning; and operational solutions to mine closures. Importantly, the project aims to reveal new links between the CRC programs and projects and provide a platform to share complex information in one location.

The project will deliver both research and operational outputs including the portal and database (as a non-traditional research output, as well as an operational platform for CRC TiME for public domain information sharing and community engagement).

Project Partners

Murdoch University


7 months

Final Project Report pdf