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Special Symposium on Mine Closure & Post-Mining Transitions

Wednesday 28 June, 2023 World Mining Congress

CRC TiME and 2023 WMC are bringing together world leading representatives from industry, local communities, governments and experts to address issues with mine closure effectiveness 

The Special Symposium will take place on the second day of the Congress and will be an all day joint session between the Environmental Sustainability Stream and the Social Performance & Governance Stream.

The Symposium is seeking case studies highlighting the following potential topics:

  • The scale of the closure challenge
  • Technological innovations to address abandoned mine sites and stranded assets
  • Good practice in progressive closure and rehabilitation
  • Alternative post-mining uses for land and infrastructure
  • Regulation and governance of mine closure and relinquishment
  • Planning and preparation for social transitions
  • Engaging with Indigenous people and local communities around closure
  • Managing closure and post-mining transitions at a regional scale
  • Management in perpetuity
  • Designing and building mines for closure/ Delivering on the promise of integrated mine closure

Authors and organisations are invited to submit a presentation of up to 600 words and up to two graphics:

Call for Abstracts

CRC TiME Key Organisers for the Symposium

Guy Boggs
WMC Closure symposium

Tom Measham
WMC Closure symposium

David Brereton
WMC Social Performance & Governance

Anna Littleboy
WMC Environment & Sustainability