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Restoring Country Webinar Series

Exploring Indigenous-led Participation in Mine Closure and Environmental Services.

Join us in 2024 for our first series of webinars exploring First Nations leadership, involvement and perspectives on mine closure and post-mine environmental, social, community and economic transformations. Information on dates, topics and speakers will be promoted shortly. Watch this space for updates.

The online webinar series is being developed by The Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC TiME) in collaboration with The University of Queensland’s Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) and will facilitate open and constructive dialogue about different dimensions of mine closure and post-mine transformations.

The aim of the series is:

  • to profile current practices and aspirations for Indigenous-led participation
  • hear a range of perspectives on opportunities and challenges, and
  • facilitate open and constructive discussion to improve partnerships and outcomes.

We are hoping to offer five seminars covering a range of issues related to Indigenous participation in mine closure and environmental management, particularly:

  • opportunities for Indigenous participation
  • local Indigenous groups in partnership/as service providers
  • as direct employees on closure operations
  • First Nations’ experiences in Canada, and
  • existing and prospective training and education initiatives.

Please contact our Engagement Officer (First Nations), Caroline Williams, if you are interested in joining a panel discussion.