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Lessons from Brazil: The mine closure challenge of a nature positive future

On 20 February we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Luis E. Sánchez from the University of São Paulo for a seminar presentation at the Perth CRC TiME office, ‘Mine closure planning must face the challenge of a nature positive future’. The presentation was also streamed nationally.

Luis took us through why Nature Positive outcomes are needed, implications for life-of-mine planning, useful lessons learned from implementing biodiversity offsets, and a conclusive look at the way ahead.

Luis E. Sánchez is Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He specializes in environmental and social impact assessment and management and has been publishing extensively on mine closure planning, biodiversity offsets, and the impacts of mining and other development. In addition to scholarly papers, he published three books and environmental good practice guide books for the mining industry.

Access the slides and view the recording to catch up.

Thank you to Professor Angus Morrison-Saunders from Edith Cowan University for bringing this unique opportunity to us.

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