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Beyond closure: A new research agenda

It's time for a new way of approaching the end of mine life.

What you focus on matters on. That’s why it’s time to think beyond closure when planning for when mining ends.

A new paper in Resources Policy sets out the case – and proposes a new research agenda to provide the knowledge, resources and tools to move from closure to what’s next.

The agenda includes:

  • considering what ‘post-mine transition’ means to different groups, and developing a shared understanding.
  • facilitating a shift from thinking about site to regional scale.
  • developing new ways to understand and incorporate values – what is most important to people at a given time and place – into planning and actions.
  • bringing together engineering and biophysical dimensions with the social, cultural and economic aspects.

The paper was a collaborative effort, led by our Research Director Professor Tom Measham. It took around 12 months to draft, drawinig on input from 11 co-authors.

Publishing in respected journals is important to share what we have learnt across the global and national research community.

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