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Project 5.3

Transitions and climate change (Completed)

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Project 5.3 Final Report 

Research Program

Data Integration, Forecasting and Scale

Project Leaders

Dr Ray Maher and Professor Rick Valenta

Project ID



The aim of this project is to capture how climate responses (adaptation and mitigation) may impact on the economic, social and environmental transformations in mining regions in order to assist the prioritisation of investment through the CRC. The project will also provide a strong articulation of the relationship between the CRC, climate change and the wide range of prior and existing research and diverse opinion in this dynamic space.

The project will undertake a succinct collation of publicly available partner-relevant statements on climate change impacts, frameworks and strategies. This activity will recommend a language and strategy for the CRCs narrative around climate change and the importance of climate change for mining regions in transition. Analysis of the data collected will enable key themes and topics of particular relevance to CRC TiME to be identified across all stakeholders, colleges, regions, programs and experts and workshopped to develop climate driven scenarios that capture the spread of uncertainty in terms of climate impact on regions in transition. This project will deliver a set of climate scenarios that can be used in subsequent research projects to explore the impact of different climate trajectories on water, ecosystems, communities, mine operations and land use.

Project Partners

CSIRO; University of Queensland


4 months