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Project 4.9

Mine Pit Lake Assessment and Management: A national initiative to support mine closure and regional opportunities

Research Program

Data Integration, Forecasting and Scale

Project Leader

Dr Kathryn Linge, ChemCentre

Project ID



The project will:

  1. Catalogue examples of sustainable and beneficial post-mine pit lake uses, including First Nations, community and mining industry aspirations for use.
  2. Produce the first ‘common language’ tools to explain management, opportunities and risks to communities and First Nations groups.
  3. Develop guidance to better assess risks and identify opportunities for beneficial future use.
  4. Model opportunity and risk scenarios for field sites/regions to inform national guidelines.
  5. Recommend approaches for fit-for-purpose modelling of future water quantity and quality and data and long-term monitoring and measurement needs.
  6. Quantitatively evaluate the uncertainty of model predictions and how these are affected by modelling choices and data availability.

Project Partners

ChemCentre, CSIRO, Curtin University, Flinders University, University of Queensland, University of Western Australia, BHP, Rio Tinto, MRIWA, Energy Australia, GHD, Iluka, South32,  WA Department of Water and Regulation, Eco Logical Australia, Aurecon, FMG, SA Department of Energy and Mining, WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, Greater Whitsunday Alliance, Isaac Regional Council, Central Highlands Development Commission, Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner, Premier Coal Limited, WA EPA, NT EPA.


48 months