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Project 3.9

Climate change, vegetation & risk for rehabilitation success

A study on soil covers in the Latrobe Valley


Research Program

Operational Solutions

Project Leader

Professor Thomas Baumgartl

Project ID



The objective of the this study is to investigate the possible consequences of climate change on the performance of vegetation on soil covers in a representative Latrobe Valley mine rehabilitation environment and the impact it may have on long term landform stability of soil covers.

The work will provide a fundamental and first-of-its-kind study in linking climate change predictions, soil hydrological performance and drought indices with plant performance under conditions of rehabilitation in the Latrobe Valley. It is expected that the study will inform about potential adaptation in requirements for the design and construction of soil covers in rehabilitation for ensuring long term stable landform conditions.

This study is designed to test the objective in consecutive stages, beginning with an investigation in controlled environments within the first two years to test the validity of the objective and challenging the outcome of climate response to vegetation for an ongoing period of an additional 2-3 years. Field investigations may be added over time in collaboration with the local mining industry as a mine site study.

Project Partners

Federation University Australia; The University of Queensland; Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Victorian Government


18 months