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Welcome Fitsum, one of our Newest Scholarship Recipients

We are delighted to announce one of our newest scholarship recipients of the HDR scheme (Higher Degree by Research) – Fitsum S. Weldegiorgis.

Specialising in socio-economic impacts, economic linkages and structural transformation, and resource governance, Fitsum has worked in his field for 15 years conducting applied and academic research in minerals and economic development. His inspiration comes from witnessing firsthand the significant, yet often missed potential of the extractive sector. He wants to influence policy and practice to enhance the livelihoods of the communities living in resource-rich countries.

His research explores how Australia and the resource-rich African countries could leverage economic linkages of the extractive sector for economic transformation. Within this broad research area his scholarship with us will specifically analyse if there are any mechanisms with which to manage coal mining for economic transformation while navigating policy approaches with respect to global energy transition. Specifically, his research project will aim to examine multi-stakeholder perspectives, including indigenous groups, around the expected impact of coal phase-out on the local economy, and attempt to generate evidence that could help stakeholders make informed decisions that will shape the sustainability of future economies.

Fitsum is currently in communications to conduct his studies in Central Queensland and British Columbia, Canada. At this stage he is speaking with Queensland-based businesses and councils such as the Central Highlands Regional Council, Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC), and the Queensland Resources Council as well as others. This project will also include national and international stakeholder engagement.