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Three new partners join CRC TiME

19.01.2022 News

The Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC TiME) is pleased to welcome three new partners to its unique collaboration of stakeholders, working together to help reimagine and dramatically transform Australian mine closure outcomes. GHD, Amira Global (Amira), and the Office of The Office of the Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner (QMRC) join 74 other partners to bring the total number of CRC TiME partners to 77.

CRC TiME, CEO, Dr Guy Boggs highlighted the significant insight and experience the three new partners will bring to the partnership with their combination of global reach and local projects:

“CRC TiME projects will benefit from GHD, Amira and the QMRC’s extensive knowledge and existing networks. Our three newest partners’ all have a strong alignment with CRC TiME’s strategic goals and share the passion and commitment to work together to achieve them.”

GHD’s Australian Mining Leader, Dave Clark commented:

GHD is committed to solving the world’s biggest challenges in the areas of resources, energy, water and urbanisation to create lasting community benefit. We are excited to join CRC TiME, particularly given the emphasis on closure being a valued cornerstone for post-mining economies and collaboratively building enduring benefit towards sustainably transforming regions to create post-mining prosperity. GHD welcomes the opportunity to become actively involved, drawing on our extensive experience and skills to support CRC TiME in achieving their strategic goals. We believe CRC TiME is a collaborative partnership set-up for success that uniquely covers the value and innovation chains to better connect mining and post mining systems.”

James Purtill was recently appointed as the first Queensland Mine Rehabilitation Commissioner, a new position created to address complex mine rehabilitation matters in Queensland. The responsibilities of the QMRC include publishing best practice advice on mine rehabilitation, undertaking stakeholder engagement, reporting on trends in rehabilitation in Queensland and providing advice to the Minister for Environment:

“The QMRC sees enormous opportunity in partnering with the CRC TiME as we work towards a common goal of supporting effective rehabilitation of mined land. The challenges facing the mining industry at present involve social, economic and scientific components and won’t be solved by individuals working alone or within disciplinary silos. QMRC is keen to collaborate with the CRC TiME to address these complex interdisciplinary challenges in mine rehabilitation and see delivery of beneficial post-mining outcomes for mining regions in Queensland.”

Amira’s Global CEO, Dr Jacqui Coombes, said the exciting partnership with CRC TiME would benefit both industry and community:

“Amira Global provides new knowledge, data and information in geoscience, mining engineering, and mineral processing and extraction. These areas underpin our drive to solve industry mega challenges around tailings, water, energy and resources. With concentrated effort, industry can overcome these challenges. We welcome this opportunity to join CRC TiME and will be working closely to make a difference to the post-mining landscape.”

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