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Integrating values in post-mine transitions seminar

04.11.2021 Events

Missed the date? View the seminar video

Held online and in-person: 4pm – 6pm, Monday 15 November, 2021

Venue: Morwell Innovation Centre, Victoria

On behalf of CRC TiME’s Latrobe Valley Hub, the MLRA hosted a talk by Karsten Feucht from Germany’s IBA-Studyhouse on the importance of identifying and disseminating the values that are important to community and the region when redesigning rehabilitating mine landscapes and regions.

Germany’s IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung or International Construction Exhibition) program focuses on urban redevelopment and landscape transformation, and since 2000 has been centred in the Lusatian brown coal mining region in Germany.

Karsten, is an architect specialising in developing innovative methods for community participation in perceiving and developing value and applying those to spatial design. He revealed how these mediation methods were successfully applied in the post-mining transition for the Lusatia region, incorporating the recovery of the industrial heritage, urban redevelopment and landscape redesign. Karsten has over 20 years of experience in these processes, enabling him to provide a complex picture of multidisciplinary landscape-design methodologies and how to integrate social and community concerns in post-mining landscape transitions.