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From the Research Director’s desk…

30.06.2022 News

CRC TiME recently commenced a new project on Improved Prediction, Remediation and Closure of Acid and Neutral
Metalliferous Drainage (AMD/NMD) Sites. To kick the project off, a Theory of Change workshop was held in late June which I had the pleasure of attending, bringing together industry representatives, the project leader and CRC TiME management. As project leader, Sarah Harmer said: “The initial Theory of Change Workshop helped clarify what impacts will be realised by the project and how these will be achieved. A key focus is on increasing the range of future land-use options that aren’t impacted by acid mine drainage.” CRC TiME places strong emphasis on achieving real world impact when designing and implementing projects and the Theory of Change Process is a useful way to consider impact from the beginning.

CRC TiME is in discussions with partners about a portfolio of proposals across our full set of initiatives. Most of these proposals are in the ‘concept’ phase where project leaders, partners and CRC leadership co-develop the scope and seek advice from key sources including the First Nations Advisory Team. This portfolio spans concepts from collaborative planning processes in La Trobe Valley to a national approach to mine pit lake water assessment and management.  As we continue to develop this portfolio and shape the concepts into full proposals we look forward to discussing them further with partners.

Professor Tom Measham, Research Director