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Regional Hubs

Translational research delivering strong regional partnerships

The term “translational research” has been coined in the medical industry to represent the process of turning fundamental discoveries into improvements in human health and economic benefit. In translational research, scientists who study biology and genetics partner with community members, engineers, pharmacists, bioinformaticists, policymakers and others to produce solutions that add value by being useable and adoptable as well as useful.

CRC TiME will adopt and adapt the concept of translational research for mine closure. Mine operators, local governments, state governments, development corporations, local businesses, community leaders and special interest groups will be brought together on a regional basis to create opportunities for testing and demonstrating technologies and processes to assist closure transitions in all dimensions. By focussing on regions, clusters of businesses can work together with mining companies to create established practices and market ready technologies to propagate sustainable closure, relinquishment and post mine activity. Seven focal regions are currently identified based on the CRC TiME partnership with a Peri Urban currently being formed and proposed hubs in the Goldfields and North West Province being explored. These are conceptually shown below demonstrating the connection of industry, government and community organisations from within the CRC TiME partner base (please note not all partners in a hub are shown).